Headlines (BETA) Portal to CMG's Clientele


This website will act as the portal to post news on most of CMG's clients sites. In order to access the news you will need to be given a user name and password from the Design Department.

This guide will instruct you on how to post news articles to clients sites.

To post a news article to a clients page you first need to log in on the right side by clicking "Site Admin".

Enter the credentials given to you.

After you login you will be in the admin panel. On the left side in the navigation click "Posts" and then click "Add New".

Fill in the title box with the appropriate title and insert the content in the bigger box.

After this is completed you will need to specify which site you are posting to. On the right side of the page there is a category list of clients. Check the clients name that you are trying to post to.

After you have correctly checked a client click "Publish".

Adding New Client:
If there is a new client that is not already listed please contact the Design Department to set up the client in the Headlines Portal.

Posting Pictures:
If you need to post a picture in a post you can do so. While in the add new post or editing post section click the picture icon next to "Upload/Insert". This will prompt you with a box to upload an image. Hit "Select Files" and browse for the image you wish to upload. Select additional options if necessary and then click "Insert into Post". The image should now be inserted.