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Pamela Anderson Takes Poker to Facebook with Canadian Startup

Posted by Techvibes Newsdesk

Today Canadian entrepreneurs Elton Pereira and Jeremy Nichele launched BamPoker with a little help from international celebrity and Playboy model Pamela Anderson.

Victoria, BC based BamPoker is a virtual Facebook poker experience that "boasts thrilling game play, a leading-edge online community and is the only place online where members can play Texas Hold'em poker with Pamela Anderson herself."

BamPoker pits real individuals from all over the world against one another in both casual and tournament-style Texas Hold'em play. There is no real-money gambling at BamPoker: it's free to play, and it's all about the fun.

As players win virtual chips and gain experience points, they gain access to higher-level opponents and higher-stakes games. The ultimate goal is to obtain a VIP Badge, which allows top players to take their chances at BamPoker's exclusive VIP tables for the poker elite.

"We are committed to providing a fun, social and interactive gaming experience through quality game design," says BamPoker co-founder and CEO Elton Pereira. "BamPoker encourages active user engagement and strong community spirit, something we feel has been missing from the online poker world."

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Pamela Anderson promotes lingerie for European company Bonita De Mas

Just finished the catalogue for my partners at Bonita de Mas... About to join forces and go international. For now they are in Israel only--
I just love their lingerie.


Anderson campaigns for Watson release

SKYNEWS.COM -- Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has taken to the stage in support of detained Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson and his campaign for the protection of sharks.

Watson, who is currently under arrest in Germany, is pending extradition to Costa Rica where he faces an arrest warrant for attempting to halt illegal shark finning operations in protected waters.

There are fears that, if extradited, he will never make it out of jail alive as their is a bounty on his head.

TV actress Anderson, also an animal rights supporter, held a rally for Sea Shepherd in the German city of Frankfurt on Wednesday (June 13) and called for his release.

The Canadian-born founder of the environmental activist group Sea Shepherd was arrested in Germany on May 13 and was allowed out on bail a week later.

He is accused of endangering a Costa Rican fishing vessel during a confrontation off Guatemala's coast in 2002.

Anderson said that she hopes that Watson will not be extradited to Costa Rica and that his detention in Germany will help raise world-wide awareness of whales and sharks.

"This is an opportunity to bring awareness to the terrible industry of shark finning and people could actually go online and look at what that entails and how terribly barbaric and cruel that is," the actress told reporters on Wednesday.

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Pamela Anderson and Downforce 1 join the International GT Open

Pamela Anderson has had a passion for NASCAR and Formula 1 racing for quite some time, and it's no surprise that she would want to own a race team in both sports.

By Denis Flierl for Torque News

Pamela Anderson has a long resume, she is a model, producer, activist, author, and actress best known for her roles in Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P. She was even chosen as February Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in 1990. And now she can add owner of a personal race car team to that resume.

Pamela Anderson is a racing fan and has been seen at NASCAR and Formula 1 race events around the world. Now she has just launched her own personal race firm called Downforce 1 and announced she will have cars competing in the European Le Mans Series.

Anderson wants to take her passion for racing to a whole new level and is putting together a seasoned team of professionals to make the launch into the sport. In a recent interview at a NASCAR event, she said, "Fast Cars and Fast women go together and here we are surrounded by men, I love it." Even though Pamela founded the team last winter, the Swiss Racing Team has 10 years of racing experience.

They will start the ELMS European Le Mans Series with an Aston Martin V-8 GT2 in the International GT Open. The car will sport a white and blue livery, which Anderson refers to as "her signature color." Her new team is based in Austria and team members consist of Manager David Prewitt, Chief Marketing and Team Coordinator Markus Fux, Sporting Director Giulio Pucci, and Chief Engineer Gabor Csabi. Markus Fux, who raced some rounds of the GT Open last year, will be at the wheel with his team mate to be announced soon.

Partners in her racing venture will include Aston Martin Racing, Dunlop Tires, ICM (the talent agency that manages Anderson's career) and People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), of which Anderson has been an active supporter throughout her career. Anderson says, "I'm so proud of the Downforce 1 team. These gentleman have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just 4 months so I cannot wait to see my Cars on the Racetrack it's hard to believe until I see it."

The press release reports Pamela is also expected to launch a NASCAR race team and have it ready for the 2013 season. Pamela herself has promised to attend at least one of the European GT Open rounds next summer, as long as it's close to a beach.



Pamela Anderson promotes Waves 4 Water on ELLEN show

(OrangeCounty.com) posted by Laylan Connelly, staff writer

The nonprofit Waves 4 Water - created by Laguna surfer Jon Rose and supported by O.C. surf brand Hurley - got a huge boost of recognition Thursday when "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson gave a tutorial for the water-filtration system on national television.

Anderson showed how the membrane filters work on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," then took a big gulp of once-dirty water after it was cleaned, generating a standing ovation from the audience.

Check out the video segment of the episode below:

The nonprofit Anderson was supporting, Waves 4 Water, aims at getting clean water to countries and people in need. It has had huge success, since Rose was on a surf trip to Indonesia and rushed into a crumbled city with filters in hand to help after a devastating, 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit in October 2009. Read more from that story here.

From there, Rose has traveled frequently to Haiti - with the help of actor Sean Penn - to get clean water there after the country was hit by a massive earthquake, then an outbreak of cholera, which combined killed thousands. And when an earthquake hit in Chile, Rose armed San Clemente big-wave surfer Greg Long with filters to take to the crumbled areas so they could get clean water.

The former pro surfer then teamed up with surf company Hurley International to develop a volunteer program called Clean Water Couriers, in which surfers in search of waves in third-world countries carry filters with them in their luggage.

The idea behind Waves 4 Water is to empower people in third-world countries with the education and tools to use the filters. The idea was spawned by the notion that surfers would pack the filters in their suitcases when they traveled to impoverished surfing regions - but it has grown so that anyone traveling to these areas is encouraged to pack a few, then connect with government agencies or non-profits in those regions.

The filters cost $50.

Waves 4 Water has also expanded into projects to get clean water on larger scales with the help of governments in various regions.

Kelly Slater, after winning his 10th World Title, teamed with Quiksilver to donate $10,000 to 10 causes. He picked Waves 4 Water as one of those beneficiaries.

Anderson's appearance on the show and support also helped raise money for Waves 4 Water. Ellen DeGeneres also handed over a check for $10,000.



Pamela calls to ‘break a leg’

BY: Sally Bennett / Herald Sun

Hollywood star Pamela Anderson brought rehearsals to a standstill as she chatted online to the cast of Ghost Gum High.

Anderson was treated to a special preview of the original musical, which will be performed by the Shepp Shed project at Riverlinks Eastbank Centre.

"She was fabulous," project manager Janet Congues says.

"It wasn't about promoting herself, it was about being with the kids, hearing from them and talking to them.

"She really wanted to see their faces and to engage with them."

The Shepp Shed project is part of a movement to encourage creative brains from the world's top theatre districts to put on quality shows with troubled teens.

One of the drivers is Australian-born, London-based conductor and composer Warren Wills.

He and West End creative director Yamin Choudury are leading the way with Ghost Gum High, which was made possible through the backing of La Trobe University.

It was Wills who asked his good friend Anderson to speak to the Shepparton kids.

"Pamela is incredibly sincere about the work she does," Wills says.

"I told her what we were doing here and she wanted to know if there was anything she could do to support it."

About 70 youths from diverse cultural backgrounds are involved in Ghost Gum High.

The musical tells the story of William Cooper, an indigenous Australian who fought against injustice.

"As the composer I oversee it, but it's a real collaborative effort," Wills says.

"Our motto is diversity, inclusivity and quality."



Pantomime star Pamela Anderson visits stray animals on Christmas Day

by Louise Brophy, Liverpool Daily Post

ABANDONED pets were given a special treat over the festive season with a surprise visit from animal lover Pamela Anderson.

Staff at the RSPCA centre, in Halewood, welcomed the star, who was appearing in pantomime in Liverpool, as she treated the stray dogs and cats with toys and food on Christmas Day.

Pam praised the centre for their hard work while encouraging those wanting a new pet to visit rescue shelters rather than buy from breeders.

She said: "Being away from my kids, I knew I had to do something with animals. They do a great job, it's a great facility and they need donations and people to give homes to the animals so I thought I'd come and support."

"They have over 100 dogs here, so it just proves to me over and over again that people shouldn't buy pets from a store, they should be coming to shelters and rescuing some of these beautiful little dogs and cats. It was great to stop by at Christmas."

Although the centre is open on Christmas Day, staff were surprised to receive such a high-profile festive visitor.

Wendy Dean, assistant manager of RSPCA Liverpool, said: "She is obviously very passionate about animals, and everyone was thrilled that she came along."



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Pete Price: when I met Pamela Anderson

IT is the interview I thought would never happen. When I heard Pamela Anderson was coming to Liverpool to star in panto, I was confused. What a strange piece of casting.

An American sex goddess to millions and the babe in Baywatch here in Liverpool in panto.

I heard Ms Anderson had done fantastic business in Wimbledon last year as the Genie in Aladdin.

But this is Liverpool. How would Scousers take to her?

I'm delighted to say they love her. They have taken her to their hearts.

The story was out that she doesn't suffer fools. She is guarded by people who love and care for her.You don't get near her, but why should she drop her guard?

The way she has been treated over the years by the world's press, the internet and by some people close to her is totally unacceptable.

I didn't realise how many heterosexual friends I had until she came to Liverpool, I have had them crawling out of the woodwork.

So the big day came when I had to meet her. The first thing that struck me about her was her fashion sense. What a stylish woman. I have never seen her in the same outfit twice.

At rehearsals she was very cautious but when she started to settle into the show her warmth lit up the room.

She is a fun lady. In all my years of working with some of the biggest names in the industry I have never seen an artist so pursued by the paparazzi.

Pamela has really fallen for the city, the friendliness of the people, the Tate gallery and Ma Egerton's at the back of the theatre, where she thinks Ann the singer is brilliant.

The saddest thing for her is she has not had enough time to explore because of the pantomime schedule.

In the panto there is a part of the show in which I get to look at her for three minutes twice a day in Vivienne Westwood's sequined re-imagining of her famous skimpy Baywatch costume. She has legs to die for and I can't fault her looks.

She sends herself up on stage very cleverly and Liverpool people love her for it.

I wanted to find out who is the woman behind this perfectly formed body? I arranged a night out at Viva Brazil the new meat eating experience to break the ice.

Jaf, one of the bosses, was the perfect host, and, with the Dom Perignon flowing, 15 of the company started to bond properly.

To my horror I found out that Pamela is a vegetarian!

I asked Pamela if she would let me interview her on my show and she said yes. So she graced my studio with her presence and I started to find out who she was.

When her children are asked what their parents do for a living, they say 'Daddy's a rockstar, Mummy rescues animals'.

This Christmas her children are surfing with Dad and I was shocked to find out they have never watched Baywatch, which still goes out in 150 countries. One of her children, Dylan, came home from school one day and asked: "Mummy are you Pamela Anderson?"

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Theatre Review: Pamela Anderson in Aladdin, Liverpool Empire

by Emma Johnson, Liverpool Daily Post

AS BLONDE bombshells go, they don't come more pneumatic than Pamela Anderson - and last night the Baywatch babe and her famous weapons of mass distraction exploded onto the stage at the Liverpool Empire in a flurry of big hair and sequins.

It has been six months since the 43-year-old announced she would be reprising her role as the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin - a part she first played in London last year - here in Liverpool, but it was worth the wait.

And wait we did. It was more than an hour from curtain up to our first peep at the former Playboy Playmate, and by the time it finally came tension in the theatre was palpable.

The presence of a Hollywood icon in our midst mattered not a jot to children in the audience, but you could almost hear their dads' pulses quicken when she glided into view suspended from the ceiling, purring her way through the song, Genie in a Bottle and clad in a sparkling red swimsuit...of course.

Pam's cameo may have totted up to little over 15 minutes, but she made every one count.

Seeing her wiggle and jiggle her way through a classic panto number involving a lot of pelvis thrusting was priceless and she tossed out the loaded one liners ("I'm the most downloaded genie the world's ever known,") like a seasoned pro. Meryl Streep may have little to fear from Pammy, but her unique mix of coy charm and overt sexiness made her perfect for panto.

That's not to say the Canadian star stole last night's show.

Les Dennis as Wishee Washee and Sean Kearns as Widow Twankey were its backbone, with panto veteran Les in almost every scene.

Kearns - surely the tallest ever pantomime dame - was nothing short of brilliant. He made a perfect partner for Les and their comedy ballet segment was a particular treat.

Mark Mulcahey made a spritely Aladdin and Dani Rayner a perfectly poised Princess Jasmine. Djalenga Scott, meanwhile, worked her midriff off as the scantily clad Slave of the Ring, and Mark Moraghan was a deliciously devilish Abanazar.

In the show's glittering finale, Pam said she loved "being a Liver Bird" and I think it's fair to say she would be a welcome addition to the flock.