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A multi-talented model, actress, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, activist, spokesperson, artist, designer and mother, Pamela Anderson is one of the most diversely talented stars in history. A true renaissance woman, Andersn follows her passions, whether it is traveling the globe, helping local animal shelters along the way, spending time with her children, working on jazz, playing poker, writing poetry or hanging out with her friends in the artsy underground scene, she always does it her own way.... whether its "learning French in fast cars..." (a play she has written and will produce) or lending herself, with complete faith, as a death defying magician's assistant...in Vegas.

As a film, television and musical theater star, Anderson's resume speaks for itself, from the iconic hit "Baywatch" to the smash film "Borat," Pamela regularly impacts popular culture. She has appeared on the cover of countless magazines throughout the globe including the cover of Playboy Magazine 14 times in America alone, all while collaborating with a collection of the most esteemed artists and photographers of this generation.

Beyond media, Anderson is a muse to- and an esteemed art collector of the likes of Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, Mel Ramos, Sante D'orazio, Terry Richardson, Luca Pizzaroni, Marc Quinn and David LaChapelle, who are among her friends and favorite works. After a fulfilling but educational experience building her Malibu home, Pamela has also branched into design, currently heading up ATHASI, a firm with partner Josh Chrisant, that specializes in green architecture, creating sexy sustainable homes including furniture, fabrics, textiles. Through ATHASI, Anderson will be constructing a unique project retreat on Vancouver Island that incorporates Anderson's philosophy "to not disturb the natural landscape, to compliment it." Anderson is also appearing in multiple campaigns for her comrade and mentor, the legendary Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Continuing her entrepreneurial spirit, Anderson's Secrets In Lace nylon stockings are now available online and she has two books coming soon: a book of her original poetry tentatively titled "Imaginary Friends (and Make Believe Lovers)" as well as a book of business called "I Just Can't Think With All This Hair." Additionally, as a follow up to her incredibly successful fragrance "Malibu by Pamela Anderson," which has been a best seller since its launch in 2009, Anderson will be rolling out more natural products and launching of a series of international Spa/Hotels based around her name and principles including locations in Montenegro and Abu Dhabi's Solar City. In the coming months Pamela will also introduce "Pammies" (cruelty free) Beach Boots and recently became the spokesperson for a group of friends innovative Facebook Application BamPoker (it's addictive).

As a philanthropist, Pamela's work and dedication is unmatched in the celebrity community. A long time supporter of PETA, Anderson has also lent her time and resources to causes such as JP/HRO, Waves For Water, USO, Cool Earth (to save the Rainforest), Sea Shepard Conservation Society (Pamela recently flew to Germany defended Captain Paul Watson for his wrongful imprisonment), The MAC Viva Glam 5 campaign raising awareness for AIDS testing around the world, and also encouraging countries to cease the importation of seal products, which is a step towards stopping the barbaric baby seal hunt once and for all. Anderson regularly pleads with governments and has had a part in changing several animal and environmental welfare laws worldwide. Anderson is also producing a documentary series with activist Paul Manley in Canada called "Whatever It Takes," showcasing people who dedicate their lives to a cause at all costs.

Full of surprises, and always one to pursue new passions, Pamela recently excelled as a participant and competitor on the smash-hit ABC series "Dancing With the Stars." Her hard work and talents caught the attention of the musical theatre community and she is on the cusp of announcing an incredible project that will serve as the next chapter in the career of this powerful woman, devoted mother, sex symbol and style icon who continues to inspire fans across the globe.

For more information please visit: http://pamelaanderson.com/.

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A poem by Captain Paul Watson Founder of Sea Shepherd
(still detained in Germany)

In the cold hard face of adversity,
Strength is often found in diversity,
Passionate pens unleashed, our voices raised,
Of this global response I am amazed.

I appreciate the many letters,
Requesting that they remove my fetters,
My awful crime was I that stopped a crime,
I intervened against shark killing slime.

A decade ago I saved hundreds of lives,
I took away their evil finning knives,
No injuries caused and no damage done,
We stopped their slaughter and their savage fun.

My "crime" was it cost the poachers money,
The powers that be did not think it funny,
Favours are paid, politicians have their price,
Knives remove the fins in a single slice.

A decade passed before the gavel fell,
Why now? No one yet can explain or tell,
Without a notification given,
A bogus charge politically driven.

They tossed me into a tough German jail,
To prevent me from savingshark and whale,
The whalers smile and the finners smirk,
Feeling free to go insanely berserk.

They did not expect the massive response,
Nor such a compassionate renaissance.
They did not think that the people would care,
If the sharks die, who will care or despair?

This lord of the sea is viciously slain,
A massacre ecologically insane,
Tons of shark fins from Costa Rica`s shores,
Buys tons of corrupt political whores.

Costa Rica screams for righteous revenge,
The "rights" of fishermen they would avenge,
Justice screams out for the sharks and the sea,
No fair trial for the sharks or for me.

Gojira invited me to the stage,
Rock, the medium to express our rage,
The voice it builds and ascends,
Who knew that the sharks have so many friends?

From around the world many voices came,
Has the "green" German government no shame?
Costa Rica what are you thinking?
The world`s shark population is shrinking.

And yet they do the shark poachers bidding,
Who the hell do they think they are kidding?
Costa Rica is not so green and pure,
Truth can`t be found in a tourist brochure.

Truth is found on the Puntareanas dock,
A hundred thousand shark fins dried in stock.
For decades the law has turned a blind eye,
It seems everyone wants a piece of the pie.

A poacher complains, the courts mobilized,
A warrant for Watson is globalized,
Despite Interpol negating the request,
I am now a reluctant German guest.

The German people see that this is wrong,
Their support for my case is very strong,
The government claims they can`t interfere,
So this could drag on for more than a year.

A political prisoner I have become,
And to defeat I shall never succumb,

Thus opportunity presents a chance,
For this great cause for the sharks to advance.

Pamela Anderson sets the tone,
With her famous voice raised, to make it known,
Michelle Rodriguez speaks from Southern France,
Condemning Costa Rica with a glance.

Brigitte Bardot`s strong voice rises from France,
Greens Bove, Cohen Bendit take a stance.
The Five Nations Mohawks lend their wise voice,
We will make our stand, we have made our choice.

Brazil`s Senate speaks up in my defense,
The voices rising ever more intense,
The Senate of France states their support,
This illegal extradition to abort.

The shark finners placed a bounty on my head,
They want me returned and they want me dead.
I shan`t give them any satisfaction,
This case is a global call to action.

With Germany as our new working base,
We `ll expose this nature raping disgrace,
My trial will be Costa Rica`s trial,
For their foul crimes against Cocos Isle.

This sad requiem for the Tiburon,
Orchestrated from Frankfurt and Bonn,
Music reaching the world`s collective ear,
It`s not the shark, humanity must fear.

We fight to bring down the pirates of greed,
Our passion is what the ocean does need,
So we will fight this judicial assault,
With this strange case there is so much to fault.

If I am to be martyred to the courts,
The facts shall be in the daily reports,
This incident was captured in the doc,
We have evidence, they have only talk.

No injuries caused and no damage done,
Yet to my head they want to place a gun,
In a nation where dirty money rules,
The system is controlled by bought off fools.

Will Germany send me to the unknown?
Assassins may await where I`ll be thrown?
Should I be martyred for the shark and whale,
Berlin will have allowed greed to prevail.

Will the shark`s red blood stain the German flag?
With tons of fins shipped to Asia in bags,
Will Germany betray our noble cause?
For nothing more than Chinchilla`s applause.

How many sharks slain by humanity?
We must end this deadly insanity.
By challenging the fierce powers that be,
In our fight to save sharks in the deep blue sea.





I have sent another letter to The Ministry of Justice in Germany.
Please do the same.
I am convinced this is a setup...
We must do all we can as activists to save our planet.
Germany is a progressive country.
They have the authority to free Paul Watson.
Go look at the seashepherd.org
Paul is a warrior on the ocean. A guardian. We need him back on duty.
This is nonsensical...
It is politics, bullying and about $...

See what you can do.
Tell your friends to do the same.
Save our oceans --
Check out sharkwater.com.
And, judge for yourself who the culprits are or the YouTube video of issue in question.


We can't let them get away with this.





I've been studying hard. The basics... I realize that wanting to do something is beautiful, but without a strong foundation. Where can we draw from, writing, painting, singing, acting and dancing? If we put the time in when we were young, we'd be able to bridge the gaps, the grey areas -with applying the rules. I want to do so much, but I am inhibited, not by fear, but by not having the skills. It's torture.
Natural ability- takes us only so far.

Study art. Looking at history, wishing, praying, wanting is not enough. It's noble but useless... It's a launching pad, but a means to an end? I am re- educating myself, or learning to crawl before I can walk...to walk before I can dance. To speak, before I can sing...
It's good to be searching...when life slows down a bit.

I want to design furniture. I see pictures, designs, I've never seen. I dream of and hear music, I've never heard... I think I am an artist. A builder, a sculptor... I believe I am musical...lyrical... I have so much to do. I feel like I'm on the road to somewhere - inspired.

Off to Germany-- Paul Watson and I will meet... Long live The Sea Shepherd...

...the sturm und drang of life--
"I'll be with you when the deal goes down..." 'Dylan




It's funny-- because I'm me-- I'm living my truth--I try not to be offended or feel bad about perception...then it hits me...It hurts me-- and I feel misunderstood-- I never put too much into trying to change perception-- because I've always felt the truth is the truth-- the things I do, don't need to be defended--I hope people see through the inflated wide angle lenses-- and respect me for the accomplishments that are important- for animal rights, the environment...and raising a family...
I try and use my image for good things-- but it may just hurt more...




For the Sun tabloid- I'm quite pleased with this article--except-- I would never say Vivienne reminds me of my grandfather-- I meant the spirit or our relation ship - the talks we've had reminds me of my beloved grandfather--who was very interesting- He was an early on eco- warrior, the Trees spoke to him...