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Back from a very quick trip to London-- Had a wonderful experience and the House of Lords at Cool Earth Event--I cannot stress the importance of saving the rainforest- the "Lungs of the earth"-- every time there is clear cutting/Logging - it cannot be replaced-- it changes the weather-- it has so many adverse effects-- Cool Earth buys up rainforest and gives it to the surrounding communities to safe guard it-- it is more valuable standing than being cut down to these people--so they protect it--- It is a complicated political process and Cool Earth know what they are doing-- it is urgent...that we do all we can...please visit www.coolearth.org

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow... my European trip has been postponed...:)




Just back from Victoria- Big Success! David Foster raised 4.6 million dollars to support his charity, The David Foster Foundation-- another wonderful example of Canadian healthcare. On top of everyone having healthcare, there are Canadians with big hearts, raising money for the medical needs of families ... When a child needs a transplant, the family may have to take time off work and fly across the country. This foundation supplies support, so they can concentrate on their child and not worry about all the rest.

Thank you David, and all the other people that were there-- it was good to reconnect with a lot of dear Canadians...

Gretzky and I had a bit too much wine, and... The Canadian Tenors are incredible...- I almost fell over when I saw these gorgeous, talented men.

...it was a lot of fun-- too much fun--story of my life...

Today we are having the Pepperdine baseball team over to our home on the beach for our annual BBQ-- they won their conference this weekend-- congratulations boys-- !

Off to London tomorrow...for an event with Cool Earth... (addressing Climate Change-- we must save The Rainforest).






This race team better get it together-- all smoke and mirrors so far!

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I'm at my computer, In the garage-- my make shift office in Malibu--
I've been going over my idea to produce a documentary series on Activism--it will be wild and revealing-- just to keep the tone of my existence--but with a twist-- it's meaningful!--I hope to get to the Getty today-- last time I tried to go-- I made a wrong turn- not the best driver-- and was spit on by some blonde couple-- obviously having a hard day-- I did cut them off-- but needless to say-I was shocked- I didn't go in- (they might have been there) It really affected me -the Anger-- I was sick all day about it--let's be gentler on each other-- I obviously have a lot of my life wrapped up in being a mom-- but for my boys privacy- I won't go there-- this diary is about the bits in between being the best mom I can be--
dogs to the beach-- I dip my toes in whatever ocean is available to me-- I believe the key to being healthy is walking barefoot in wet grass-- Connecting to the earth--as much as we can--




Pamela Anderson promotes lingerie for European company Bonita De Mas

Just finished the catalogue for my partners at Bonita de Mas... About to join forces and go international. For now they are in Israel only--I just love their lingerie.



Photo Credit: EMMA

The PAMELA COUTURE STOCKING COLLECTION by Secrets in Lace is changing the "stocking wearing attitude."

July 2011 - Pamela Anderson is proving stockings are no longer passé with her new leg wear collection.

Pamela Anderson has signed a global licensing agreement with world famous stocking designer Secrets in Lace to create, market and distribute her leg wear line, the PAMELA COUTURE COLLECTION of authentic nylon stockings.

"I am very pleased with the initial collection - I love every one of the styles because they cover every fashion occasion," Anderson said.

Recently other stylish ladies like Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted wearing sheer stockings.

However, Secrets in Lace is not a stranger to this fashion trend revival. Designing and producing authentic stockings since 1984, Secrets in Lace understands how to create a product for its customers that expresses their femininity while remaining classy and elegant.

"We are very excited to work with Pamela Anderson on her collection because she brings a balanced blend of propriety and sexiness to the design studio," Daniel Whitsett, President of Secrets In Lace, said.

The Pamela Couture Stocking Collection includes five stocking styles and is available to purchase at SecretsInLace.com.

CMG Worldwide celebrity agent Mark Roesler, who negotiated the licensing deal, stated: "We worked with Secrets in Lace on the PAMELA COUTURE COLLECTION because they are the premier company in the stocking industry and have a history of making women feel sexy in their lingerie. This collaboration is the perfect match, as Pamela Anderson exudes sex appeal, and her stocking line is no exception. She knows how to play up her assets; and, this line exemplifies just that."

About Pamela Anderson
Appearing on 13 Playboy covers, to Baywatch and soon to appear on Broadway, Pamela Anderson, mother of two, never has a shortage of projects. While she enjoys her busy life, especially being involved in PETA and other charitable causes, Pamela's first priority is her family. Now, she is involved in something else that is close to her heart, lingerie. For more information about the most downloaded person on the web, visit www.pamelaanderson.com.

About Secrets in Lace
Secrets In Lace has been selling authentic nylon stockings and coordinating bra-garter belt- panty
sets since 1984 and is the largest retailer in the world of 100% nylon stockings. Designed for
every day wear (just like in the 1960's and 1970's), Secrets in Lace carries classic styles for every
occasion. Secrets in Lace operates a mail-order catalog and an online store at www.secretsinlace.com.

Press Contact:
Cara McMains / CMG Worldwide Public Relations Director





I guess this is what we all aspire to-

Intuitive Parenting-

It must mean ...just better
...tuning into a higher frequency and making good choices...
Praying...that our children-
from newborn- on or eventually?
More in touch...
More psychically sound-
Free little spirits,
Not war mongers-
Or future big commercial consumers-
They must exercise (yoga preferably)
Learn to eat right...
Learn how to be their own healers-
Love green, leafy, organic vegetables and juices,
Be able to swallow vitamins, blue green algae...
Acquire a taste for ginger
and ..not be afraid of aloe vera-
They must be curious about their own body science/chemistry-
Love themselves enough..
To trust and honor their intuition
Reach for curing elixirs for simple ailments and vitality
Consider vegetarianism
Be present-
Live in the now-
Care for each other,
Inspire each other-
Treat people as we want to be treated-
Have genuine manners and a convincing graciousness-
Never bully-
Consider the repercussions of words and actions...sent int the universe..

Then ...as young adults into tender adulthood
Everything manifests...
We want them to practice safe sex,
Drink and experiment with drugs in moderation-
Find true love,
Marry happily... and procreate... (replace ourselves only)

Then ...encouraged enough to repeat the above-
Pass down even more good stuff –add to the list-...things they have learned-
Always walk with grace and dignity.

We are moving into a New Age--- a conscious effort- to live a less decadent lifestyle- less predictable..
Have a real meaningful life..
We're being stripped down to our most vulnerable parts-
I love that-being exposed..
It's very exciting-
It's cool for the people embracing this new idea-or old... if you really think about it--

We do have different children coming through us-With incredible gifts-survival mechanisms-strength-

I'm concerned...some of these differences may have more to do with over vaccinating – and our human experimentation/chemical testing- but ...I also believe that we choose our bodies and our parents-
And we have to accept we live in a radioactive world now-
In preparation for anything...
In any case we are bringing new beings into the world- we are having an influx of new learners and teachers--
Which convinces us-
None of the old models/formulas work:

School, (public education is just a shame)
Wall street,
Government- Thank God for Obama...we need change-
Even the "do-good" humanitarian work model is different-less people joining the peace corp- more people taking matters in their own hands-packing their rucksacks with aid- and going there and personally just helping-
Getting our hands dirty will save us-
Everything is becoming more gorilla style...unique...
What are the masses in need of? Where is the middle class? Is there one?
Somewhere in between new age and old school- lays the cooperative- genius answers-meanwhile our kids are spinning-parents are being berated-
Undervalued and under siege--
Our kids are a real barometer... of our fast food, unconscious world-
They are here to save us-and that makes them a lot more difficult-
Rebellious-they should be-
They have to flip the script- in order to survive-they have to think differently-the more different the better-

It's like... things were made better 100yrs of years ago- then we never updated our info---
I know (for instance) we are still using 80 year old animal testing techniques- that don't help anyone- but nobody wants to listen to a new way- or deal with the red tape- of changing the rules- or making new (better) ones-

In times of Jefferson- Einstein, Galileo- we valued different ideas-new ideas-

How do we raise wild uncontainable minds?-to let them run free in their imaginations-not stuffed in a box of what used to work-we have to build confidence in realistic ways-not just provoke a swan dive off a 50ft cliff- which is cool-
but ...to leap into creative stories-creation and science, Activism--and question authority- please!

Now I can't sit here and tell you- I've applied ALL this to my own life, and these are tried and true personal child raising techniques-
and that I have 2 perfect teenage boys to prove it...

They ARE great free spirited, opinionated men...in training.-They are genetically loaded- yet of coursed I'm convinced they are growing and evolving into the best they can be- they are conscious contributions to society.
I have faith in them...
And me...

This is always in my minds eye- I think- even in heated moments- peripherally-
I reach into my bag of tricks- and fail miserably a lot-
I know-
all is common sense based- and there are other parents in the world going through similar plights... but ...some times ..nothing makes sense-and that's OK...

The truth is-

I really don't know what the hell I'm doing-
There is no map-
I try very hard- and I've reaped benefits,...
and pies in the face- humiliation ...
character building..

God knows- and people might think-
-I'm not the ideal mom-
But, I'm proud and I have done some crazy things-like put education first- before their wants... and desires-(even though I'm finding a lot of kids in our neck of the woods are home schooled in order to pursue their "pro-surfing" careers at 12 yrs old?...leaving my kids wondering.. 'why not me too')...
I think school- for many reasons is important-
Facebook and Twitter have really removed an element of social training-face to face communication is getting lost-
Integrity with our words-maturity.. with treating people respectfully day to day-not hiding behind a computer with a false sense of bravado-
I don't want to judge- I understand people are slowly giving up on traditional school...
And traditional communication...
It's an epidemic...
Hopefully ..forums like this will help nudge and mold our school system- there is not a reluctance of parental support- we just need an avenue- to navigate our wisdom through...our experiences...
We know our kids better than anyone- we have to be involved in our evolution!
Somehow- and it's almost impossible to not be misdirected- when TV, movies, video games commercials, infomercials- from death to Cialis- cater to our insecurities..
I do think ...the eternal youth creams-the quick fix- trying to stay 20yrs old- living in a culture that has little respect for our elderly-
Mixed with never wanting to grow up/not wanting responsibility- and never taking any-is pussy parenting-

There is still spiritual/in this world- parenting that needs to be done- we have to embrace the hard work-
We've had a child- now- this is the deal-you and me (dad and mom) have a business relationship- even in this sad society of common, rapid, ugly divorce (guilty) ...respecting and knowing our boundaries is important- we have responsibilities to our off spring-parenting is not convenient-- the choice has been made.

It takes as many loving people as possible to raise a child....

I read an incredible book- (that-I have to read it again)- called The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff-
It explores the child raising techniques of tribal- and primitive families-it's inspiring to say the least-

We don't need our own reality shows- heightened drama-
We don't need to be our kid's best friend-
We are guides,
We are caretakers-
Bows that our children/arrows have been sprung from...
We have to trust our guts too- and believe in the big picture-
Shower them with all the tools we can think of that ..they might find useful-
so when they are bigger than us-we can make some decisions... together
-then...in no time-
They are on their own-
Without interference-
We can sit back and say we've done our best...
But admittedly -imperfect Job-
Only then...
We retire-breathe and believe ...
Have pure faith in our children
...no strings attached-
And hopefully be able to grandparent--
We won't be able to look back ...and say should've, could've, would've...
I've never heard an adult say- I wish my parents didn't force me to take piano lessons-
We all love our abilities-
But in the moment- it can be a chore-
A battle-
Productive Time and effort is timely ...it's now-
Reading together,
Dragging them to museums...
Traveling together (see outside the bubble) if you can..
Immerse ourselves in Culture ...
History is a gem-it's free- it's abundant..
Old people-involving grandparents-
It takes a village ...a community-
Above all- it helps to believe in something bigger than ourselves- and instilling that in our kids- is comforting and hopeful.
All you have to do is look around-
Natural disaster after next- look at Japan and the devastation there- caused by an earthquake...that triggered the ocean – a wave- THE PLANET...is stronger than us-
WE are small--- so small- we are a blip on the screen of existence-
But... while we're here-let's enjoy the ride- Take care...
and pass down all the good stuff we learn-
Sit around a campfire... Story telling...
My Grandfather actually was my saving grace-
My foundation is strong- my choices over the years may not reflect that- but I know who I am- and I eventually always come back to my core beliefs-
... In the nick of time-
I hope we can all look to our extended families and communities for support- and be there for each other..
We are who we hang around with-
I'm honored to be here..
The energy is great-the combined will,.. the search for truth and information-
It's a healing vortex-
Thanks again and God bless you.




Lilac wine
A Gas blue dress
A revolution's dream
Lays on your strong chest
A sailor's .. been told..
Sings the well's ..bell..
Soft melting skin's...nickle to gold..
So Hot, Tempting an unbearable hell
Concealed, perched low
the huntress lays..
Tischen's bow..
An English maze.
Men are equal ..you rise...I fall..
The flesh is mightier.
Firm, tight and small...
A glamorous mind ...forging
a sweet and liquid tongue..
A truth, a funny wisdom... Found..
Unpredictable...Scattered... free yet bound...
Wild and wrong.
Soft ...and fast.
A perfect song...
It can last..
And last...And last...
And that's ... A dangerous wicked past ....hot and cold
Rewards are slow..
A Beaten path...a perfect show
A new with limbs and irrevocable harm
A golden ear...
.. a broken arm..
Sail on ...my sweet soldier...
And I'll breathe
The deep green sea ....
...in front of me.