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CMG Worldwide honors clients during Black History Month

CMG Worldwide is pleased to honor a number of its most distinguished clients during Black History Month. Some of the most influential and important African-Americans of the past 100 years are on the CMG client roster, including Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, Duke Ellington and Josephine Baker.

To celebrate Black History Month, throughout February, the CMG Legends Museum will feature a Black History section, which will pay tribute to the African-American men and women who played major roles in the civil rights battle in the United States. Personal items once belonging to Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis will be on display.

CMG Worldwide is also launching a commemorative Web site which will feature a different client every day, and include a photo gallery, transcripts from famous speeches, biography and online polls. There will also be a form where participants can submit an essay regarding this occasion. The winning essay will then be displayed on the site for the next year.

CMG Worldwide represents many great African-Americans, including Malcolm X, a celebrated civil rights leader. His dedication and commitment to the cause made a considerable impact on the movement during his time and still today.

In the sports arena, CMG Worldwide?s clients have been highly successful. Although Jackie Robinson is primarily remembered as a superior baseball player, his role in the fight for equal rights is where he had the greatest effect. His actions allowed other legendary players to enter baseball, such as Satchel Paige, who became a great pitcher and Roy Campanella, who hit 242 career home runs. Jesse Owens was an amazing runner, setting three world records in one day. Sugar Ray Robinson is often referred to as the greatest boxer of the 20th century.

Many African-Americans in the entertainment industry were able to overcome prejudice and adversity on their way to the top. Josephine Baker and Dorothy Dandridge used their celebrity status as a platform to stand up for their beliefs, while gaining success. Chuck Berry has become one of the greatest rock ?n? roll performers of all time. Duke Ellington has won nine Grammy Awards.

Through various channels, these individuals have achieved success and improved the world around them. They continue to have a significant impact today and CMG Worldwide is proud to celebrate their legacy.

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