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Marilyn Monroe defeats Cameron Diaz in greatest all-time blonde poll

Marilyn Monroe has been named the greatest blonde of all time in a survey released today by OnePoll.

The star's iconic locks came chimed heavily with respondents, garnering almost half of vote. Her platinum blonde bouffant became her trademark, along with her bright red pout and breathy voice, in movies such as "Some Like it Hot", "The Misfits" and "The Asphalt Jungle."

Second place in the poll went to actress Grace Kelly while French beauty Bridgette Bardot came third.

A spokesman for Clairol nice'n easy, which commissioned the study, said: "Marilyn Monroe has always been known for her iconic platinum blonde hair. But it's amazing to think that even now, almost half a century after her death, she is still a favorite and beats today's blonds to the top spot. Her hair is synonymous with 1950s glamour, but it has stood the test of time against hair styles and colors which have come and gone over the years."

Fourth place in the poll of 2,000 Brits went to Hollywood star Cameron Diaz, whose platinum blonde shine was infiltrated by an unsavory substance in the hit movie "There's something about Mary."

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was voted into fifth place while Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley was at number six.

Lost in Translation star Scarlett Johansson was at seven followed by Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks and Grease actress Olivia Newton-John.

Blondie singer Debbie Harry completed the top ten.

Other blonde bombshells to feature in the poll include Madonna, new mum Denise Van Outen, Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly, and professional socialite Paris Hilton.

OnePoll's research also revealed that 67 percent of blonde women believe their natural-looking light hair color leaves them feeling more confident.

And more than a third also think they feel more attractive after they've had their hair colored.

Moreover, gentlemen really do prefer blondes, with 44 percent naming blonde as their favorite hue on a woman.

But 85 percent of guys prefer the natural-looking blonde shades to the bright platinum color.

More than 89 percent of men also said they would prefer to have a serious relationship with a girl who had natural-looking blonde hair over one who had a bright platinum tone to her locks.

Source: OnePoll

Top 20 greatest blondes of all time

  1. Marilyn Monroe
  2. Grace Kelly
  3. Bridgette Bardot
  4. Cameron Diaz
  5. Holly Willoughby
  6. Joanna Lumley
  7. Scarlett Johansson
  8. Stevie Nicks
  9. Olivia Newton-John
  10. Debbie Harry
  11. Madonna
  12. Doris Day
  13. Goldie Hawn
  14. Gwen Stefani
  15. Denise Van Outen
  16. Barbara Windsor
  17. Honor Blackman
  18. Tess Daly
  19. Charlize Theron
  20. Paris Hilton


A record scent of Marilyn Monroe

By: Rosemarie Lentini /The Daily Telegraph

SOME like it hot, but the team behind Australia's biggest caffeine festival also like their coffee shaped like Marilyn Monroe.

As thousands sipped lattes at The Rocks Aroma Festival yesterday, a small team tried to break the Guinness World Record.

Over four hours, a team of 12 filled 5200 cups with 680 liters of milk and 780 liters of coffee to varying levels to make the world's largest coffee mosaic of the screen siren at the Overseas Passenger Terminal Forecourt.

"It was such a great feeling," Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority's Head of Design Michael Donohue said. "It took about three to four months to plan and the reaction from the crowd was really exciting."

Mr Donohue said the blonde bombshell was a natural choice after their 2009 record-breaking Mona Lisa montage.

More than 115,000 people turned out for the festival.


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Luxury Los Angeles house Marilyn Monroe died in goes up for sale for $3.6m

The Los Angeles home that Marilyn Monroe was found dead in 48 years ago has gone up for sale for $3.6million.

Located in the luxurious Brentwood suburb, the Spanish revival home comes complete with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool.

The actress bought the property in 1962 for $90,000.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1294599/Mayilyn-Monroe-home-sale-3-6million.html#ixzz0tgjH4fQR


Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ Dress to Be Auctioned

The satin pink number Marilyn Monroe wore as she sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the 1953 hit "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" is hitting the auction block today.

The gown is being auctioned along with other iconic memorabilia through ProfilesinHistory.com or LiveAuctioneers.com June 10 through June 12.

Described as "the most important film dress to ever come to auction," the gown is expected to bring in six figures.

If you still want a piece of history, but can afford the price tag, click on the "shopping" tab on this site to purchase a replica of the iconic figure-flattering dress.


Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

Eighty-four years after her birth, Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most recognized women in the world. From the moment Marilyn stepped in front of the camera, it was evident a star was born. With her smoldering looks and sizzling personality, she set hearts on fire as soon as she entered a room. Marilyn's legend conjures up a plethora of images, all different, and yet somehow all fitting. She was a vivacious blonde, a talented actress, a sensual spirit and an irresistible beauty. Adored by millions of fans worldwide, Marilyn reached icon status quickly during her lifetime, and in the years after her death her popularity has surged to even greater numbers.

On June 1, 2010, as we celebrate the 84th anniversary of Marilyn's birth, there is no doubt that her flame burns brighter than ever. Marilyn Monroe has become the personification of beauty and stardom, the ultimate celebrity brand. It comes as no surprise that her undeniable appeal has graced promotional and merchandising campaigns such as Dolce & Gabbana, Mercedes Benz, Sunsilk, Mastercard, Volkswagen and Grolsch Premium Blonde beer in Holland to name a few.

In fact, this year The French carmaker, Citroen, brought back the spirit of Marilyn Monroe in one of its two new commercials for the Citroen DS3. The campaign called Anti-Retro features the most famous 20th Century goddess in a 30-second clip. In it, she reflects on why so many people live in the past, and concludes, "You should create your own icons and way of life, because nostalgia isn't glamorous. If I had one thing to say it would be, live your life now."

In honor of her birthday, California based Nova Wines, is releasing their 24th limited edition bottles of "Marilyn Merlot" (www.MarilynMerlot.com). Not surprisingly, these bottles have become collector's items, treasured by those who purchase them.

Today, as we reflect on the captivating life and timeless legacy of Marilyn Monroe, the lyrics from the chorus "Candle in the Wind," originally written in 1973, in honor of Marilyn Monroe, could not ring more true.

"Your candle burned out long before,
Your legend ever did..."

Marilyn Monroe
Official Facebook Fan Page


Who Will Make the Better Marilyn Monroe: Naomi Watts or Michelle Williams?

(PEOPLE)-There is only one Marilyn Monroe, but now two actresses are set to embody the bombshell on screen.

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Marilyn Monroe: Battle of the Bombshells Winner

According to a recent poll on Fox News, the sexiest bombshell to ever grace the big and small screen is Marilyn Monroe.

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Totton sweetshop’s image of Marilyn Monroe in jelly beans

(UK)--It is a modern masterpiece making screen siren Marilyn Monroe look sweet enough to eat.

But if you look close enough you will see the mosaic is made up of thousands of jelly beans.

Artist Malcolm West, who has also created portraits of the Queen, Madonna and Elvis, sorts out the Jelly Belly beans by color before gluing them into place.

Now the tasty portrait is being showed off at The Sweet Bar, in Commercial Road, Totton, and owner Steve Chadda has launched a competition to guess the number of beans used.

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Credit: www.dailyecho.co.uk


Runway Beauty Trend: Marilyn Monroe Makeup

Faces at the Tuleh spring 2010 show were inspired by the iconic movie star

By Emily Hebert | April 29, 2010 9:00 a.m.
Marilyn Monroe Makeup

Just as hair at the Tuleh spring 2010 show was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, so was the makeup-only with a slight twist. "It's almost as a teenager would interpret a Marilyn look," says makeup artist Polly Osmond, referring to the bubblegum-pink cheeks, eyes, and lips. "The collection is geared toward the younger market and is full of light silky fabrics and pops of pink."

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Battle of the Bombshells Poll: Who is the sexiest screen star of all time?

With the return of the voluptuous woman to the screen, Fox411 is holding a poll to celebrate the sexiest screen star of all time.
And, of course the legendary Marilyn Monroe made the cut.

According to movie critic Marshall Fine, "There are lots of women who have bodies that would catch your eye - but they're not all bombshells. It's about their attitude, something in their eyes that promises an experience that is untamed, to one degree or another. It's about intelligence, about wit, about defiance."

Don't forget to click through their top 25 list here and vote for Marilyn Monroe.