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Montgomery Clift’s official Web site gets a stunning new look

CMG Worldwide is proud to launch the newly redesigned Web site for classic film icon Montgomery Clift. This contemporary, state of the art site unlocks a plethora of enlightening information for fans and potential licensees of Montgomery Clift, highlighting the life and work of the silver screen actor. The new Montgomery Clift web site is a wonderful tribute to the popular and gifted actor, complete with an extensive selection of exciting facts and other materials available in its different sections.

Those interested in licensing Montgomery Clift can view the "Business" section, where all inquiries about the Hollywood legend can be made. Whether they have a personal or business interest, visitors of his official Web site will get a through insight to the remarkable life and accomplishments of Montgomery Clift. For more information, or to inquire about marketing, merchandising and licensing Montgomery Clift, please fill out a business inquiry form or contact CMG Worldwide directly.