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New Gene Tierney Web site is launched

On November 14, 2006, CMG Worldwide launched a new Web site for legendary actress Gene Tierney. The new site contains a wealth of information for fans and potential business partners alike regarding the lifetime work of the celebrated film star.

The new Gene Tierney site is the official internet home of this talented actress, with an extensive selection of facts and additional materials available in the site’s different sections. Current news, a biography, a compilation of quotes and an array of exclusive photos taken throughout Tierney’s modeling and film careers are featured on the site, which gives a detailed overview of the many interesting aspects of her professional and personal life.

Those interested in licensing the work, image or likeness of Gene Tierney, who is acclaimed as one of the true, great beauties of her day, can visit the business section, where all inquiries regarding the "Laura" actress can be made. This section also introduces users to the resources available for licensing as well as for personal use through CMG’s affiliate, Legends Archive.

Whether they have a personal or business interest in Tierney, visitors of her new official Web site have access to a wealth of information regarding her career. For more marketing, merchandising or licensing information, please fill out a business inquiry form or contact CMG Worldwide directly.

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