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Art that has you seeing stars

By: Nicole Gately

It's a tourist must whenever in Hollywood - the Walk of Fame! The polished and picturesque stars bearing celebrity names shine eloquently, vying for onlooker's attention. Until now, the only way to acquire your favorite celebrity's star was to steal it right out of the side walk! Now you can bring home any star you wish, including Glenn's, thanks to artist and entrepreneur Paul Price and his Web site www.walkoffameart.com .

Price actually goes to Hollywood Boulevard and hand-rubs each star. These exquisite pieces are created on a 3 x 3, 100% pure cotton piece of paper using multi-colored oil and chalk pastels. He can also customize a star to bear anyone's name (yours, your company's, etc.).

Each piece is signed, numbered and comes with a notarized certificate of authenticity. This exclusive collection can be purchased framed and mounted under plexiglass, unframed or as reproductions. Paul Price's work is licensed and authorized for distribution by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

"Walk of Fame Art" is available for purchase in Europe, Japan and North America. The magnificent masterpieces are exclusively sold through Paul Price's Web site www.walkoffameart.com .

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