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New message board makes debut

Buddy Rich fans anxious to let the world know of their infatuation with one of the world's greatest drummer can now do so with a brand new message board that launches today.

The new message board allows members to post private messages with one another and have their own personal avatar to help identify themselves. Also available is a search option that allows users to look up old messages from other members, making it easier to locate messages that might have been missed. With its easy navigation, fans can create their own profiles or groups, as well as post messages specific to one subject.

Sign up today at http://www.buddyrich.com/forum/ to begin your journey into the fascinating life of Buddy Rich.

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Happy Holidays To All!

Just a quick note to thank you all for supporting BuddyRich.com throughout the year. I truly do appreciate you all! I love that we can argue and fight on the message board, because it means that we are still as passionate about my father now as we were when he was still with us, and that means that I have done my job!

We have a lot of new and exciting things lined up for next year, so hang in with us, it will all have been worth the wait. Thank you to all of my suppliers for the DVD's, sticks, shirts and everything that we sell in the store. You guy's ROCK! I couldn't do it without you...

Special thanks to:
Vic Firth, Marco Soccoli, Don Lombardi, Billy Morgan, Jerry Goldenson, Rob Wallis, Paul Siegel, Steve Michelson, everyone at CMG, Mark Roslar, Daniel Siegel and Lightyear for all that you have done and continue to do.

Also, thank you to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive.

Nick, Steve, Marie, and Gloria....I love you more than words can say!

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and that the New Year brings you everything you desire!

Much Love,
Cathy, Steve, Nick, and Marie

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Cathy Rich Spring Update

My son Nick is hard at work on his first solo effort. He will begin his project within the next couple of weeks in Los Angeles with veteran producers Joel Diamond and Ted Perlman. I will keep everyone updated as to his progress. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to write and co-produce some of the tracks.

now on to Buddy news...

The Buddy Rich Drum Company is in the final stages of readiness...product should be in the marketplace in the next couple of months...I will keep you all posted as to what products will be available and where. It is a very exciting time for us and we know that it will be well worth the wait.

The new DVD from TDK and Reelin' in the Years will be released in August. It is the full concert from he North Sea Jazz Festival. Amazing!

We are also working again with Alan Gauvin, formerly of the Killer Force Band, to release another live CD. Wham! did very well and we want to follow it up with something even greater. I will let you know as it develops.

I am always asked about Buddy's appearances on the Tonight Show and if we will ever release a full DVD. Unfortunately, Carson Productions won't allow a full DVD, but we are working with them to use several clips within the context of another concert/performance.

Alfred Music which now owns all of the old Warner Bros. catalogue will be releasing the Memorial Scholarship concerts on DVD. I am working with them to add new features, photos, etc. It should be a great package. We are also looking at new releases in the near future.

The Buddy Rich Band has been asked to do a tour of Japan next summer...we are working out the details now.

The new date for the Steve Marcus Memorial is May 28th in NYC.

As a footnote, I would like to thank Jimmy Crespo for arranging one of the most incredible evenings of my life...Aerosmith at the MGM...what a show...the band was on fire, Steven Tyler was in perfect voice... and when he sang Dream On ten feet in front of me, I was in heaven. Then getting to hang out with them after the show...I really thought I was going to have a coronary...I'm such a groupie...thank you again Jimmy..you are the best!

That's it for this month....any questions, comments etc....email me at Scabeba1@aol.com!

Trivia Question

For a Live at the Montreal Jazz Fest CD....

What did my father reply when the Queen of England asked him how he did what he did at the Royal Command Performance?

Thank you for supporting this site and always remembering Buddy!


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Cathy Rich Summer Update

The buddy rich drum company is ready to be unveiled at the summer NAMM show. our big send off will be winter NAMM in california. we are so thrilled to finally have this ready to go. our first ad's should start appearing in the next couple of months in the drum magazines, so look for those. we will also offer a full line of drumsticks and accessories.

Our DVD company, Musician's Edge, is set to begin it's first three projects. our first effort will be a Jamie Borden title,Drumming in the style of Neil Peart, then Nick will begin his project, and we are happy to announce that Dave Weckl is on board to do the Buddy Rich "minus one" set. this has been a dream project of ours for the past ten years. we are so happy that it will finally come to fruition. you will be hearing a lot more on this as we get started. we would like to thank everyone at Alfred Music for their support in this, they will be distributing all of our product. Alfred recently bought Warner Bros. and are putting out the Buddy Rich Memorial Concerts, and Burning For Buddy on DVD. Look for those to drop very soon. They have new features and have been re-edited.

I am working with Buddy alumni, Alan Gauvin, to release a new set of CD's from Alan's tenure with the band. I hope to have this project out by late Fall. we all know how great the Wham! CD was..that was just the beginning!

I know that everyone was up in arms regarding the Bruce Klauber situation...believe me, I am more upset than anyone about this...it really was about trust, and being a person of your word....that said...you all need to know that we are constantly looking and trying to get footage on Buddy. since we try get things through the PROPER channels, the costs are usually so outrageous that it is impossible to purchase them...this doesn't mean that we will give up...it just means that it takes longer when you are dealing with the people who make these decisions...not to worry, there will be much more released in the coming months!

I will be doing a meet and greet at the VSDA convention in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel on July 11th from 1-4 PM to celebrate the release of the new DVD Jazz Icons Buddy Rich. Swing by Suite 28-329 to say hello and get a sneak preview of the concert.

CR's Las Vegas Minute

Every couple of months I have to write about the superb group of talented people that live and work in Las Vegas. I am constantly amazed by the wealth of talent that exists here.

Case in point, and I know I have written about him before...but CLINT HOLMES is one of the most talented individuals I have ever known. I took my mother to see his show last week, which is now a ritual when she comes to town, and was once again blown away by the level of excellence that he gives every night. every member of his band is spectacular and he is so gifted that it makes me think of my dad every time I witness his level of talent and commitment. he closed his show with a mini-version of West Side Story, and it took a good ten minutes for us to compose ourselves after the show. we were in tears at the overwhelming greatness that was on that stage. Clint, I cherish you as a friend, and am in awe of you as an entertainer!
Everyone who comes to Vegas needs to see his show...but hurry...he's leaving in September!!!!

Phoenix resume their engagement at the New York New York Big Apple Bar on June 27th after a two week break...be sure to see them if you are coming to LV...another case of amazingly talented individuals who rock the house every single night....check their schedule at www.phoenixrockband.com

We recently added one of the funniest people I have seen in years to the A&R Management family...John Joseph..you will be hearing a lot more about him in the coming months.

If you are looking for the best place to stay in the palm springs/palm desert, area be sure to check out www.modresort.com my friend Laura Slipak has transformed this new boutique hotel. she gave me a wonderful birthday party and a suite for the night...it was heaven! thank you Laura, and congratulations on a beautiful place!

On a final note, we are planning a huge event in Las Vegas for 2007, which will be the 20th anniversary of Buddy's passing. we are putting together what will be the greatest drum event ever. Much more to come as we plan this major event!

As always, thank you for your support and for remembering Buddy!

Email me at scabeba1@aol.com

Have a great summer.


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Bruce Gary

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of one of my dearest friends, Bruce Gary. Bruce was the drummer of The Knack and a dear and wonderful person. I will miss him so much.

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Buddy Rich Drum Company Launches

Bill Morgan, in association with Cathy Rich, has announced the launch of the Buddy Rich Drum Company, which will feature a complete line of drums, drumsticks, and accessories.

A recent press statement read: ?Considered the greatest jazz drummer of all time, the legendary Buddy Rich exhibited his love for music by dedicating his life to the art of drumming. The Buddy Rich line of products has been developed with the same commitment and dedication to the excellence that Buddy personified.?

For more information, contact company president Bill Morgan at Buddyrich.cs@adelphia.net.

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Cathy Rich Winter Update

Happy Holidays!

I hope this finds you all well and having a wonderful holiday season.

As you know the Buddy Rich Drum Company is now a reality. We have a booth at NAMM so please come see my partner Bill Morgan and me starting January 18th in Anaheim. The reaction to the drums has been astonishing... everyone wants a kit. They will be available next year at Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Musicians Friend, and all high end drum dealers… so ask your local retailer for information. We also have a stick line that will be available as well. Look for accessories later in the year. We were featured at Modern Drummer weekend and had an amazing reaction this month at PAS in Austin. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us. There will be much more on this is the coming weeks...also we may have some limited items for you in our store right here! You can also see us at: www.myspace.com/buddyrichdrumcompany be our friend and get updates and leave us a comment!

Speaking of the store, we took it down to do some revamping, but it will be up again by the end of this week. Fingers crossed! There will be a few new items available now, but check back frequently for much more.

Many of you have been asking for MORE recordings of Buddy and the Band...I am working once again with Alan Gauvin, who helped produce the Wham! CD several years ago. Alan has so much music from his days with the Killer Force. Almost 90 hours that he recorded himself while on the road. In early Spring we will release another exceptional CD from Alan's archives.....I can't believe the quality of this recording. It is beyond....so we may call it "BEYOND WHAM!". Look for it next year. Of course it will be available here first.

Alfred Publishing has just released the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concerts on DVD. "The greatest drum shows in history"....It is one DVD with the two compete concerts from Los Angeles and New York. There is some rare bonus footage as well as a new photo gallery. Alfred will also be releasing the Burning For Buddy tapes on DVD shortly. They will both be available here in our store.

As I have mentioned before, Music Sales has released the Buddy Rich Snare Drum Rudiment book with two DVD's. Now you can watch as well as read. Ted Mackenzie has done a wonderful job of revising and collaborating with us. There is a nice interview with Nick and me as well. I have a limited amount for sale in our store.

For those of you who don't have the Jazz Improv magazine with 100 pages of Buddy, you are missing out on the definitive Buddy Rich collectors item! Check the store for this item...it is a must have for any Buddy Rich fan.

Look for the Minus One project with Dave Weckl....I have been working on this project for years trying to make it come to fruition and now it looks like it will. I will have much more info on this in the next month....

CR's Las Vegas Minute

A huge thank you to my friend Clint Holmes for inviting me to the pre-preview workshop of his new play “BREATHE.” Clint, you know how I feel about you, your talent is overwhelming. When this show goes to Broadway I urge anyone who is in the area to see it...it will make you laugh cry and jump out of your seat.

Another dear friend of mine, John "JR" Robinson was in town the other night and surprised me with the gift of a lifetime....eighth row seats to see Barbra Streisand at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. John is Barbra's drummer and sounded MAGNIFICENT. The cool thing, aside from the event itself, was that there were several Buddy Rich alumni playing in the orchestra...it was great to hang out at the after party and talk to people I hadn't seen in years. Thank you again John for making a dream come true! I love YOU.

On a family note....on April 22, 2006 Buddy's great grand son, Brooklin Rich arrived! He has all of us wrapped around his tiny fingers! I will post a pic right here. It's hard to imagine that Buddy would have been 90 years young next year...he is still as much in our hearts as he was all of his life...now we have a new "Rich" to carry on the name!

Congratulations to Nick Rich, Brandy, Ray J, Shorty Mack, Ashton Palmer and the rest of TKO who just signed with Lou Pearlman, and Transcontinental Entertainment. Lou is responsible for the careers of Britney Spears, N*Sync, The Backstreet Boys...and on and on! They go to Orlando to begin their album early next year.

That's it for this month....

Thank you, as always, for supporting this site and remembering Buddy. Questions, comments, email me directly at: Scabeba1@aol.com and www.myspace.com/polobabe1

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Buddy Rich Fall Newsletter

fall newsletter

Hello everyone! sorry it's been such a long time...there have been some technical issues, but it looks like we are back on track now!! there is a lot is going on in the world of Buddy Rich...so let's get to it!

The very first order of business is the October 2nd release of the brand new CD titled "TIME OUT". This is another spectacular recording from Alan Gauvin's (Wham!) archive. Street date for release is October 2nd, but you can pre-order right here. Don't miss this one, it's Buddy and the Killer Force at their very best!

The Buddy Rich Drum Company will be introducing a Made In USA high end line at the NAMM show in January. The response to the drums has been overwhelming. Thank you everyone for your support. We are in Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Bentley's, Musicians Friend, and just picked up our distributor in the UK.

Our newest DVD from TDK and Reeling in the Years, called Jazz Icons has done incredibly well. This full concert filmed in 1978 at the North Sea Jazz Festival is classic Buddy. The DVD's are for sale at Costco as well as music stores, which only helps to broaden Buddy's already stellar popularity. This is also for sale in our store.

The Buddy Rich feature film is still on track..and actually moving forward. We now have a director, which means that by the end of the year, we could be in pre-production. More on this as we go along.

The Dave Weckl minus one project is on track again, with Buddy's long time arranger, John LaBarbara co-producing. These projects take so long sometimes...it's almost impossible to stay focused. But we persevere, and with any luck, they come to fruition! More on this later.

The best news of all for me is that I have finally found Buddy's last recorded work. It was recorded in 1986 at Ronnie Scott's club in London, over a three day period. The tapes were thought to be lost, burnt, stolen, hidden, sent on a barge to Madagascar, and every other excuse on the planet, but I knew they were still around, and now 21 years later I almost have my hands on them. As soon as I have them I will post it right here.

I hope this gives you a bit of an update...I will be posting more often now that all the glitches are worked out.

Thank you again for your support of this site and for remembering Buddy.

You can check out the drums at www.buddyrichdrumcompany.com and at www.myspace.com/buddyrichdrumcompany

One other exciting thing that I almost forgot is that you now have the ability to search the web with Buddy. Check out http://searchwithbuddyrich.prodege.com/ the page should be up next week. This is very exciting for us, and you all can win some cool prizes simply by using Buddy as your search engine. It is powered by Google, so have fun with it!

That's it for now.
As always I welcome your questions and comments
Email me at scabeba1@aol.com
Also leave me a comment on myspace. Buddy also has two nice myspace pages.

That's really it this time... Have a great Fall season. Catch you all before Christmas!~

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