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James Dean read this book… Now, will you?

In 1955 a young actor by the name of James Dean sat at his Aunt's kitchen table in Fairmount, Indiana reading a book of poetry by the Hoosier Poet, James Whitcomb Riley. In fact, James Dean liked poetry, and his favorite poet was none other than James Whitcomb Riley. Other pictures of Dean in this same series, taken by famed Magnum Photographer, Dennis Stock, appeared in Life magazine. And it was the image of Dean "Reading Riley" that will launch a photography contest for the Hoosier Poet.

"Who is Reading Riley Today?" Is a photography contest sponsored by the James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home in Greenfield, Indiana. The idea is to get a book of Riley poetry and have other "famous" or "well-noted" individuals pose with the book. Who can you get to "Read Riley?" For details of the competition, go to the Riley Boyhood Home website at www.jwrileyhome.org. A photo gallery for submission is up and running, and these photos will also be shared on the Riley Boyhood Home's Facebook page - be sure to like it to get an update on whose picture has been submitted.

There are actually three phases to this contest: submit your photo, vote for your favorite photo (you and your friends), and then find out who are the top ten people "Reading Riley" today - based on popular vote. Photo submissions will be accepted from now until September 15, 2012. Voting for the top ten coolest people "Reading Riley" will begin on September 17, 2012 with the winners to be announced during the Riley Festival in Greenfield on October 4-7, 2012. The person who submits the photo with the most votes will get four adult passes to the James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home, and an edition of Riley's complete works.

One of your questions might be who is considered "famous" or "well-noted?" This could be anyone who is known by many people - a principal of a school, a person in a political office, the head of a university, a significant business person, a TV or radio personality, a college or professional athlete, a musician, a singer, an actor, a comedian - anyone who could be recognized by several people.

Another question you might have - - Do I have to use a certain book of Riley poetry? And where do I get one? The only requirement that we ask is that Riley's name appear clearly on the cover, and it should be a book of his poetry - not a book about him. Some people have a book of Riley's poetry at home. You can borrow a book from the library. You can buy his books online, or visit the Riley home in Greenfield - - we have several editions for sale.

Hurry and make your submissions now - - Who can you get to "Read Riley?"


James Dean ‘Giant’ Coat Reborn

Bench & Loom is offering a limited edition reproduction of the coat James Dean wore in the movie Giant during his role as Jett Brink.

The coat was reproduced after a majority of fans voted in favor of it being made on the clothing brand's website. Only 30 coats, priced at $648, will be made.

Bench & Loom worked with the estate of James Dean and CMG Worldwide to obtain a license to recreate this iconic piece of history.

The Los Angeles Times reported more details about this coat here.


James Dean – All-TIME Top Fashion Icon

TIME Magazine has picked 100 of the most influential fashion icons since 1923, including the legendary actor James Dean!

According to TIME, "Dean reinvented what it meant to be a Hollywood antihero, most notably in the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause. Dean was typically clad in little more than jeans, a snug white T-shirt and a well-worn leather jacket, and his antiprep 'Live as if you'll die today' philosophy made him the poster child for effortless American cool. With a cigarette never far from his lips, Dean may have lived life in the fast lane, but his oft imitated style - he provided the inspiration for Robert Pattinson's brooding look in Twilight - endures as something timeless."

Check out the list here!


How-to: James Dean Inspired Hairdo

Leave it to Justin Beiber to take style inspiration from the legendary James Dean on the cover of his new album BOYFRIEND.

"He is growing into an adult, so we decided that his style should reflect that," the star's hair pro Vanessa Price, tells Us Weekly. "So we looked to the legendary James Dean for our inspiration."

Read the step-by-step instructions on how to style hair like James Dean's hair: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-beauty/news/how-to-steal-justin-biebers-james-dean-inspired-hairdo-2012203#ixzz1pxZ2ph2Z


Ashley Cole wearing Dolce & Gabbana James Dean T-Shirt

English soccer star Ashley Cole sported Dolce & Gabbana's James Dean t-shirt while out with friends in London. Reports say he was out with his teammates celebrating their 4-1 win against Napoli.


Taylor Kitsch Channels James Dean For GQ Magazine

Actor Taylor Kitsch channeled James Dean in the March issue of GQ.

Taylor shared his thoughts about the late legend: "Dean is just an icon. Timeless. That's the kind of work you want to do as an actor. If 15, 20, 30 years after I'm gone you could turn on a movie that I've been a part of? At the end of the day, that's all you're going to have."

Check it out here.


The Most Desirable Porches Includes Porsche 550 Spyder

The Porsche 550 Spyder, only 90 created in 1955, made CNBC's list of The Most Desirable Porches.

According to Raskin, the author of "Porsche Speedster TYP 540 Quintessential Sports Car," and "James Dean: At Speed,"many 550 Spyders were sold to American sports-car racers, including actor James Dean.

View the full slide show of desirable porches here.


Madonna uses images of James Dean during her halftime show!

Did you see Madonna's halftime show? James Dean flashed across the stage, along with other legends, during her song, Vogue!

Check out the snapshot below!

*The images of Dean and other legends were licensed by CMG Worldwide.


James Dean Denim Mural Erected in Fairmount, Indiana

A beautiful portrait of James Dean, made an entirely out different pieces and colors of denim, is now hanging in the hometown of the icon who helped make denim a fashion staple.

Swedish based British artist Denimu, known for his stunning works made out of denim, has collaborated with the James Dean Gallery and CMG Worldwide, the agent of the Estate of James Dean, to create a large mural on the side of Fairmount Antiques in Fairmount, Indiana.

Last month, the artist and a team of helpers helped place the denim piece resembling Roy Schatt's famous image of Dean. The background of the denim portrait includes another picture of Dean walking in Fairmount during his last visit home.

The artist uses denim to create his images of Dean because of the icon's rich connection to the material, especially in Rebel Without a Cause and its subsequent effect on fashion history. You can see more of Denimu's cool work at denimu.com including more amazing work on James Dean.


Vote for your favorite jacket from the James Dean film Giant

Builtwell, an online men's clothing retailer that launched on November 3rd, is engaging customers to vote for the "lost classic" they'd most like to see reproduced.

And, first up are jackets from the James Dean flick Giant!

Builtwell calls this contest, The Phoenix Project. "Clothes you wanted but couldn't find. The Phoenix represents rebirth, which our project aims to achieve by bringing new life to lost classics."

The item with the most votes will be featured in a special limited edition collection. There's also perks to vote like winning a $50 gift certificate by referring the most friends to vote and a chance to win a limited edition jacket.

Click here to vote!