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Cathy Rich Summer Update

Welcome to my summer (almost Fall) update, sorry it has taken so long! There is a lot of news, so here goes!

The most recent DVD, The Channel One Suite is now out and doing very well. The reviews have been nothing short of glowing. (see below) As of today you will be able to purchase it here as well. The Collectors Edition is in production and will be available within the next two months. It will feature an hour long Steve Smith commentary, plus bonus clips of Buddy and Johnny Carson.

We have spent the past few months working on concepts for this site to make it more exciting. Within the next few months there will be many new features which may include live interviews, footage and entire performances, not only of Buddy, but other great players as well. We are sending out a call to all of you with unusual or never before seen audio and/or video of Buddy to send it in to us, and if it chosen you will receive a credit and a $50.00 gift in the Buddy Rich store. Please contact Steve Arnold at 702-845-8680 to discuss what you have available.

We are currently looking for a property in Las Vegas that will house the very first (or 2nd) Buddy's Place. The venue will include a retail store, educational facility, soundstage for performances and video shoots, and a recording studio. This will be a totally unique venue unlike anything that already exists!

We are looking to release new CD's and performances, but we must time things accordingly as to not flood the market. I appreciate all of your comments and concerns and we try to address them all. Look for new product to be coming out soon. The Practice Pad is doing extremely well and I want to thank you all for supporting all of our new product. The one thing I have learned over the years is that nothing happens quickly. Which leads me to the movie....the first draft of the treatment was approved, so we now move on to the script. It should be ready for a read through by mid-September. As my dear friend Miguel Ferrer so eloquently put it, "Let's make this F@#& 'ing movie before I'm the same age that Buddy was when he passed away!"

Steve Peck is readying a poster of Buddy that will retail for $19.95 We are choosing the photo now and expect it to be out before the holidays.

Two new Buddy's Buddies CD's are now available here, they were recorded last year at Ronnie Scott's club in London. See the reviews below!

Thank you to those of you who wrote and told me that you heard my recording of The Beat Goes On as the promo for HBO's new season. That's the second time this year it has been used in an ad campaign on television, the first was JC Penny. Cool.

Our dear friend and owner of DW Drums, Don Lombardi, promises me that we will be doing a Memorial concert this year. I cant elaborate because we are twisting his arms to get this done. It's been too long between shows and I want to do one while I can still walk upright!! He is also moving forward on an incredible educational video on Buddy's playing, which previewed and is amazing. But patience, once again, is a virtue I am hoping to have more of one day.

We are also heavily concentrating on new artists for our management company. We hope to preview some of these artists here in the upcoming months. We are looking for unsigned bands and singers, so if this is you or you know an extremely talented person or group, of any musical style, contact Steve Arnold at the number above.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my son's band Nosho...they are currently in the studio and I will have some of their music available for you to download soon. He is playing better than ever, and is undeniably following in his grandfather's footsteps. He is an incredible young musician! Check out their website at Nosho.com! Nick is a current endorsee of Zildjian cymbals and sticks, DW Drums, and Aquarian heads.

Thank you again for your patience and patronage....I greatly appreciate it. I won't wait so long next time.

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