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Buddy Rich featured in a discriminating new line of memorabilia

"The greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath," Buddy Rich, earned his kudos without formal training or practice outside of performances. In over 70 years, he wowed audiences including great spectators such as the Queen of England, three U.S. Presidents and King Hussein of Jordan. Immensely gifted, Rich could play with remarkable speed and dexterity despite the fact that he never received a formal lesson and refused to practice outside of his performances.

It was for these and many other reasons that Buddy Rich came to mind when established high-end memorabilia provider ProTour Memorabilia wanted to launch an exciting new division of products. After successfully securing their position as the exclusive licensee for PGA Tour framed memorabilia, ProTour has diversified into a wide range of framed celebrity display pieces.

ProTour has jumpstarted their new line by harnessing the demand for memorabilia dedicated to many of the worlds greatest legends. In addition to the drummer Buddy Rich, these personalities include other innovative musicians such as Buddy Holly and Ella Fitzgerald. Also featured are entertainment favorites Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, sports immortals Babe Ruth, Rocky Marciano and Arthur Ashe, and historical figures General George S. Patton, Jr. and Amelia Earhart.

Each framed piece is double matted and may include elements such as a candid photograph, biography, brass nameplate and an engraved or facsimile signature reproduction. As an added service to their customers, ProTour will also engrave the memorabilia free of charge. These items will be available worldwide, with retail prices starting at $49.99 USD.

For more information, including a complete listing of CMG clients included in this program, please visit http://www.classicmem.com/classics.

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