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Bob Sansevere’s On and On: Reflections on Jackie Robinson

Credit: Pioneer Press

As a child, Ron Rabinovitz was introduced to baseball legend Jackie Robinson. It was the start of a friendship that lasted two decades. Rabinovitz, who lives in Edina, plans to attend Jackie Robinson Day festivities today during the Twins-Red Sox game at Target Field, and he's scheduled to speak about his relationship with Robinson on Sunday and Monday at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here is Rabinovitz ...

On his relationship with Robinson: "I was very fortunate to know this wonderful man personally. It all started with my dad writing him a letter telling him how much I admired him. He wrote back. Thus began a friendship that lasted 20 years until he passed away. During those 20 years were letters, lunches, dinners, words of wisdom and advice to a kid who admired him as my hero. The man that was helping my beloved Dodgers win pennants. As I grew older, I realized how much more than baseball Jackie was. This was a true role model for a kid growing up. He never drank, he never smoked, he never took drugs and he never refused to give a kid an autograph. "

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