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Raymond Loewy Foundation Presents 2005 Lucky Strike Designer Awards

The Raymond Loewy Foundation presented their annual Lucky Strike Designer Awards in Berlin, November 3 at the Axica Congress and Event Center. The Axica, designed by world famous architect Frank O. Gehry, is located across from the Brandenburg Gate, at the historic meeting point of East and West in Berlin?s heart.

This year?s award?s ceremony received a great deal of attention from the German Press. Claudia Roth, Germany?s Green Party Chairwoman, was the guest speaker.

John Maeda, visionary, designer and professor, was the recipient of the 2005 Lucky Strike Designer Award. Maeda, who has long been a star in the design and technology scene in the United States and Asia, has been setting the standards for design, information technology and art. This visionary of ?Simplicity? advocates a future in which less is more.

John Maeda, a fan of Loewy, has been teaching since 1996 at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge/Boston. He is the Professor for ?Design and Computation? and Director of the Aesthetic & Communications Group of the MIT Media Lab. There, he directs his experimental research program, ?Simplicity.? Maeda works closely with sponsors such as Time Inc., BT, Johnson & Johnson, AARP and Samsung to jointly find opportunities to anchor simplicity in the market.

John Maeda received the Lucky Strike Designer Award not only for his pioneering work in things simplicity, but also for his early work. Already in the 1990?s he was one of the first multimedia artists and has been displayed internationally in galleries and museums since. He also gained international renown for publications on multimedia and computer programs. His work includes ?Reactive Books,? ?Twelve O?Clocks? and the highly acclaimed book, ?Design by Numbers,? a computer language and program foundation for visual aesthetics.

Past recipients of the Lucky Strike Designer Award include Donna Karan, Karl Lagerfeld, and Patrick le Quement, Senior VP of Design for Renault.

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