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Pamela Anderson promotes Waves 4 Water on ELLEN show

(OrangeCounty.com) posted by Laylan Connelly, staff writer

The nonprofit Waves 4 Water - created by Laguna surfer Jon Rose and supported by O.C. surf brand Hurley - got a huge boost of recognition Thursday when "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson gave a tutorial for the water-filtration system on national television.

Anderson showed how the membrane filters work on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," then took a big gulp of once-dirty water after it was cleaned, generating a standing ovation from the audience.

Check out the video segment of the episode below:

The nonprofit Anderson was supporting, Waves 4 Water, aims at getting clean water to countries and people in need. It has had huge success, since Rose was on a surf trip to Indonesia and rushed into a crumbled city with filters in hand to help after a devastating, 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit in October 2009. Read more from that story here.

From there, Rose has traveled frequently to Haiti - with the help of actor Sean Penn - to get clean water there after the country was hit by a massive earthquake, then an outbreak of cholera, which combined killed thousands. And when an earthquake hit in Chile, Rose armed San Clemente big-wave surfer Greg Long with filters to take to the crumbled areas so they could get clean water.

The former pro surfer then teamed up with surf company Hurley International to develop a volunteer program called Clean Water Couriers, in which surfers in search of waves in third-world countries carry filters with them in their luggage.

The idea behind Waves 4 Water is to empower people in third-world countries with the education and tools to use the filters. The idea was spawned by the notion that surfers would pack the filters in their suitcases when they traveled to impoverished surfing regions - but it has grown so that anyone traveling to these areas is encouraged to pack a few, then connect with government agencies or non-profits in those regions.

The filters cost $50.

Waves 4 Water has also expanded into projects to get clean water on larger scales with the help of governments in various regions.

Kelly Slater, after winning his 10th World Title, teamed with Quiksilver to donate $10,000 to 10 causes. He picked Waves 4 Water as one of those beneficiaries.

Anderson's appearance on the show and support also helped raise money for Waves 4 Water. Ellen DeGeneres also handed over a check for $10,000.


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