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Pantomime star Pamela Anderson visits stray animals on Christmas Day

by Louise Brophy, Liverpool Daily Post

ABANDONED pets were given a special treat over the festive season with a surprise visit from animal lover Pamela Anderson.

Staff at the RSPCA centre, in Halewood, welcomed the star, who was appearing in pantomime in Liverpool, as she treated the stray dogs and cats with toys and food on Christmas Day.

Pam praised the centre for their hard work while encouraging those wanting a new pet to visit rescue shelters rather than buy from breeders.

She said: "Being away from my kids, I knew I had to do something with animals. They do a great job, it's a great facility and they need donations and people to give homes to the animals so I thought I'd come and support."

"They have over 100 dogs here, so it just proves to me over and over again that people shouldn't buy pets from a store, they should be coming to shelters and rescuing some of these beautiful little dogs and cats. It was great to stop by at Christmas."

Although the centre is open on Christmas Day, staff were surprised to receive such a high-profile festive visitor.

Wendy Dean, assistant manager of RSPCA Liverpool, said: "She is obviously very passionate about animals, and everyone was thrilled that she came along."


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