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“James Dean” Fan Poem by Steve Lay

Courtesy of Steve Lay


Racing into the night
It was your destiny
To go away before you could see
The legacy you left behind
Racing into immortality
It was your fatality that symbolised
It made people recognise
What you could have been
Had you lived long enough
What you would have seen
Had you not been taken away
Racing into your dreams
An idol for so many
That's what it seems
Such an impact
Only three films
But, years down the line
They speak to a generation,
Both yours and mine
They still recognise you as your legend continues to grow
Little did you ever know
You wanted to bridge the gap
Between life and death
Live on after you've gone
People can never close the door
They don't make stars
Like you anymore!

Had you have lived
What would you have been
You would still be a legend good old James Dean

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