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Only One Athlete Has Ever Inspired This Many Songs


JOE LOUIS was still relatively new on the national scene and would not be the world's heavyweight boxing champion for nearly two more years when Memphis Minnie sang of the man and his arms in August 1935. Louis's left and right, she belted out in her husky, lusty voice, were like ''a kick from a Texas mule'' and a ''jolt of dy-nee-mite.'' Films of a recent Louis fight were playing at the local theater, she sang, and she told everyone not to miss them. ''If you ain't got no money,'' she declared, ''honey, go tomorrow night.'' She then told of betting all her money, the ''ten hundred dollars'' she'd laid up on her shelf, that Louis's latest victim wouldn't last a round. And then she explained why.

I wouldn't even pay my house rent

I wouldn't buy me nothing to eat

Joe Louis said 'Take a chance with me, I'm going to put you up on your feet!'

He's in the ring (he's still fighting!)

Doing the same old thing!

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