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‘When Bette Davis Bid Farewell’ Selected for San Sebastian Film Festival

Directed by Pedro Gonzalez Bermudez, it will be shown in the Zabaltegi section at the film festival

The compelling, new documentary "When Bette Davis Bid Farewell" will pay homage to the Hollywood legend and actress on the 25th Anniversary of Miss Davis' passing on October 6 at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Miss Davis' last days at San Sebastian Film Festival are retraced and reconstructed in this documentary through eyewitness testimonies. Personal memories are shared for the first time from journalists, photographers, and veteran staff who witnessed the grand dame's final performance in her greatest role: herself as an icon and ultimate star.

Miss Davis received the Donostia Award on September 22, 1989 at San Sebastian Film Festival; a "first" for a woman and the last in an enviable line of honors. At the age of 81, seemingly indestructible despite her fragile state of health, she embarked from Los Angeles to New York, to Paris, to Biarritz and then to San Sebastian. During her stay, she spent five days in Suite 415 of the Hotel Maria Cristina. There she meticulously prepared for all her public appearances including her extended press conferences, exclusive interviews, and photo sessions culminating in the eve of the award ceremony. As the festivities concluded, it appeared she was merely extending her stay in the beautiful Basque coastal town. Unbeknownst to the world, however, she was flown to the American Hospital in Paris, where less than 48 hours later, the world would learn one of America's greatest actresses had passed away. Without anyone having suspected it prior to the event, the San Sebastian Film Festival had borne witness to the final performance of one of Hollywood's Golden Age divas. Thus, becoming one of the most memorable and historically talked about episodes in San Sebastian Film Festival's rich history.

"When Bette Davis Bid Farewell" is directed by Pedro Gonzalez Bermudez, winner of the 2012 Goya award for best short documentary for "Return to Viridiana," and co-written by Juan Zavala.

The film also features an exclusive interview with Kathryn Sermak, Bette Davis' personal assistant who accompanied her to San Sebastian. Kathryn returned to San Sebastian in May for the filming of this documentary. Her interview took place in the same suite at the Hotel Maria Cristina where she had stayed with Bette Davis 25 years earlier. She shares with us - for the first time on camera - her memories of those days.

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