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CMG Worldwide launches the NEW ScottBaio.com!

On July 11, 2007, CMG Worldwide launched the official Web site for one of the most beloved television stars of all time, Scott Baio. The site contains a wealth of personal and career-related information for Baio's fans, both young and old, as well as information for potential business partners.

Current news, a featured biography, a compilation of quotes and an array of exclusive photos taken throughout Baio's career are featured on the site, providing a detailed overview of the many interesting aspects of his professional and personal life.

In addition, visitors that are interested in licensing the work or likeness of Scott Baio are invited to view the Business Section, where all business-related inquiries about the actor can be made. This section also introduces users to the resources available for personal and licensing use through the CMG Worldwide affiliate, Legends Archive.

We hope that all fans and business partners alike will enjoy browsing the exciting new site for actor behind the Chachi and have fun with Scott Baio!

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