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New Museum Opens

Joe Jackson's hometown of Greenville, South Carolina is honoring him this Saturday when his former home will be reopened as the Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Museum and Library at 356 Field Street. The "356" is a reference to the legend's career batting average. The home was lifted in 2006 and transferred to a lot facing the local minor-league baseball field, where the museum will now stand. Sixty-six year old president of the museum’s foundation, Arlene Marcley, says that, "We want the museum to be Ground Zero for Joe's election to the Hall of Fame". She became interested in Jackson in 1997 when she heard of a petition in her hometown to make him eligible to the Hall of Fame, in response to 1921 Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis's declaration of ineligibility for Jackson and seven of his White Sox teammates. Since then Marcley has been passionately trying to raise awareness of Jackson's story, and she hopes that this new tribute to him will accomplish that.

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