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Cathy Rich Fall Update

I cant believe it is September already! Buddy's birthday is September 30th and we are celebrating with Phoenix at the Railhead inside Boulder Station! Come join us if you are in Vegas! www.phoenix2005.com. . Jamie Borden and company will once again be rocking the socks off the crowd. They just keep getting better and better if that's possible. Check their site for all of the upcoming dates. So there, Jamie!!

There are a lot of exciting events this month, Nick is turning 21 on the 21st! I am in shock...it seems like he was just a little boy crawling around the stage waiting to sit on Buddy's lap! Time flies. Nick is an artist in his own right now. Happy Birthday, my beautiful son!

The new version of the the lost "West Side Story" tapes is being released on October 14th. We had a slight problem and had to rename it THE LOST TAPES. It's the same set, just with a different name. It will be available in the store soon.

I know I have mentioned this before, but they go so fast. I just found another cache of Buddy Downbeat T-shirts. There are a limited number of Black shirts and Grey shirts, all with long sleeves (perfect for the cold weather ahead), they really are a great quality shirt with a fantastic photo and quote on the back. If you are interested, email me directly at Scabeba1@aol.com. They are $40.00. L, XL, and XXL.

I have had a lot of inquiries about a "Minus One" type CD. We actually are working on it now for release next year. The first one will be minus the drums, then we will do a series, with different instruments being left out to play along with. They will have charts and a DVD as well. It is in the planning stages with hopefully Steve Smith and Dave Weckl participating.

I was interviewed recently for a new book coming out this Fall on the life of Johnny Carson. A wonderful writer, Bill Zehme, who also wrote the profile on Johnny in Esquire magazine is the author. Check it out.

A&R Management are finalizing a deal to bring Andrew "Dice" Clay to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for 8 nights in October. If you have never seen him, you don't know what you are missing. He is without a doubt one of the funniest people on the planet. He is a also a drummer, as is his 15 year old son, Max! He is a huge fan of Buddy's, which is how we met and became friends! If you are going to be in Vegas, come see the show. Dates to follow.

There will be a cover story on Buddy in the March issue of Jazz Improv magazine, as well as a 25 page spread with never before seen photos by Buddy's long time road manager Steve Peck, later this year. It promises to be unforgettable.

We are still trying to get the low end drum line up and running, they should be ready by the end of the year.

The high end DW line is also slated for release by Christmas.

Trivia Question! First correct answer wins a copy of No Funny Hats!

Who did Buddy think should play him if a movie was ever made on his life??

Have a great Fall season. Thank you for supporting this site, and remembering Buddy!

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