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I've been studying hard. The basics... I realize that wanting to do something is beautiful, but without a strong foundation. Where can we draw from, writing, painting, singing, acting and dancing? If we put the time in when we were young, we'd be able to bridge the gaps, the grey areas -with applying the rules. I want to do so much, but I am inhibited, not by fear, but by not having the skills. It's torture.
Natural ability- takes us only so far.

Study art. Looking at history, wishing, praying, wanting is not enough. It's noble but useless... It's a launching pad, but a means to an end? I am re- educating myself, or learning to crawl before I can walk...to walk before I can dance. To speak, before I can sing...
It's good to be searching...when life slows down a bit.

I want to design furniture. I see pictures, designs, I've never seen. I dream of and hear music, I've never heard... I think I am an artist. A builder, a sculptor... I believe I am musical...lyrical... I have so much to do. I feel like I'm on the road to somewhere - inspired.

Off to Germany-- Paul Watson and I will meet... Long live The Sea Shepherd...

...the sturm und drang of life--
"I'll be with you when the deal goes down..." 'Dylan




It's funny-- because I'm me-- I'm living my truth--I try not to be offended or feel bad about perception...then it hits me...It hurts me-- and I feel misunderstood-- I never put too much into trying to change perception-- because I've always felt the truth is the truth-- the things I do, don't need to be defended--I hope people see through the inflated wide angle lenses-- and respect me for the accomplishments that are important- for animal rights, the environment...and raising a family...
I try and use my image for good things-- but it may just hurt more...




For the Sun tabloid- I'm quite pleased with this article--except-- I would never say Vivienne reminds me of my grandfather-- I meant the spirit or our relation ship - the talks we've had reminds me of my beloved grandfather--who was very interesting- He was an early on eco- warrior, the Trees spoke to him...