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Marciano family celebrates Champions Park, Rocky statue

By Erik Potter
Enterprise Staff Writer
Posted Apr 01, 2012 @ 03:57 AM
Last update Apr 01, 2012 @ 09:27 AM

Photo Credit: Marc Vasconcellos
A model of the Rocky Marciano statue that will be erected in September is shown at City Hall. A ground-breaking for the park that will surround the statue will be held Saturday, March, 31, near Marciano Stadium at Brockton High School

BROCKTON - The brother and son of Brockton native and world champion boxer Rocky Marciano joined city officials and residents at a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday afternoon at the future site of Champions Park at Brockton High School.

The late boxer's brother, Peter, and son, Rocky Jr., attended the event.

The park will include a bigger-than-life-size statue of Marciano landing his knock-out punch against Jersey Joe Walcott which will stand on a hexagon-shaped granite platform surrounded by a 32-foot-wide circle of brick pavers, ringed by a wrought iron fence and a brick wall with plaques boasting of The Brockton Blockbuster's accomplishments.

A 27-foot-long walkway, lined by day lilies and flowering trees, will lead to a 10-foot-wide wrought iron arch welcoming visitors into the "Champions Park."

That is the design of semi-retired Brockton landscape architect Bob Keene.

A brass plaque mounted on a large stone to honor Allie Colombo, Marciano's trainer, will also be part of the park.

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Brockton, Massachusetts breaks ground for Rocky Marciano statue

The brother and son of Brockton native and world champion boxer Rocky Marciano joined city officials and residents at a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday afternoon at the future site of Champions Park at Brockton High School.

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Kickin’ It with the Hard Rock

One of the most recognized names in the world the Hard Rock Café of Times Square NY is stepping in the ring to help Knockout Bullying with the only unique and powerful anti-bullying organization ever created the: BULLYING...We're Kickin' It National Campaign, partnering together for an event that will Rock the World!

Click here for more information:  Kickin' It with the Hard Rock


Fashion Sighting: Rocky Marciano D&G t-shirt in Glamour

The perfect pairing: wearing a trendy Dolce and Gabbana Rocky Marciano t-shirt next to teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber.

This picture was taken from September 2010's issue of Glamour on newsstands now. Get your hands on this stylish shirt here.


Rocky Marciano, 49-0: “The Real Rocky” Tribute | Bleacher Report

49-0. Something we may not ever see again in the heavyweight ranks. Giving up 27 pounds a fight, something we will never see in any rank.

Remembering a true champion and good human being.

Rocky Marciano "The Real Rocky"

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Marcianos support anti-bullying campaign

Credit: The Miami Herald

We're Kickin' It, across America, a national campaign to combat bullying, is proud to announce its latest supporter -- The Rocky Marciano Foundation.

"Rocky [a boxing legend] was always considered the underdog,'' Rocky's nephew, Peter Marciano Jr., said in a release. "He was a humble and kind man. Bullying is something he would not tolerate, and he would do anything to help the kids.''

Marciano is the only undefeated heavyweight boxing champion in history, retiring at 49-0 with 43 knockouts. Marciano won the crown by knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round of their Sept. 23, 1952 title bout.

The Marciano family is proud to hold that historic statistic, which is likely never to be surpassed.

The Rocky Marciano Foundation helps at-risk youth and provides scholarships and gym membership fees to children and young adults in the community.

A common issue encountered by youngsters in every community is Bullying. It is an ever growing epidemic, having long lasting detrimental affects on our youth. It is a persistent issue that can not be ignored.

The Rocky Marciano Foundation' wants to step into the ring with Kickin' It to help knock out this problem.

The Marciano family and Kickin' It will collaborate and set forth on an aggressive mission to help eradicate bullying, while encouraging positive behavior among the youth, offering support and comfort to communities across America.

Rocky's nephew, Steven Marciano, said: "We live in a social environment, and the kids aren't the only ones fighting to survive. Their families and those around them are affected. We are all affected. We need to unite and combat this problem together.''

Rocky's son, Rocky Jr., added: "His boxing record makes him a champion. What he stood for makes him a legend. My dad felt very strongly about everyone being treated equally. Our family wants his legacy to reflect that valuable trait. This collaboration will make a positive impact in this world. This is something my dad would be very proud to be a part of.''

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