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"The final bill before me today is Introductory Number 1103-A, sponsored by Council Members Avella, Barron, Brewer, Comrie, Dickens, Dilan, Ferreras, Foster, Gentile, Gerson, Gioia, Gonzalez, James, Liu, Mealy, Mendez, Nelson, Palma, Recchia, Rivera, Sanders, Seabrook, Vacca, Ulrich, Weprin, White and Yassky. Introductory Number ll03-A renames seventy thoroughfares and public places throughout the City."

"The first names I will read are streets named in honor of three men who died on September 11, 2001, and although this is a modest gesture, this local law demonstrates the City's commitment to always remember those who perished that day."

Thomas Joseph Sgroi
A 9-11 Memorial Way - Brooklyn

Christian Regenhard Way - The Bronx Officer Dominick Pezzulo Triangle - The Bronx

"Next I will read two streets named in honor of Police and Fire Department personnel who died in the line of duty."
Fire Fighter Alfred Ronaldson Place - The Bronx

Firefighter Ronaldson was killed in the line of duty, when a section of floor caved in under him after a fire.

Police Officer Kevin M. Lee Way - Staten Island
Police Officer Lee collapsed after chasing and struggling to capture a trio of robbery suspects.

"The remaining names represent individuals or entities that are being recognized by the City Council for which each Council Member who submitted a name presented justification for this recognition."

Ron Carey Avenue - Queens
Betty Pegen Way - Queens
Sol Soskin Way - Queens
Kenneth Jackson Jr. Blvd. - Brooklyn
Power Memorial Way - Manhattan
Morris R. Lee Place - Queens
John Hicks Way - Manhattan
Sugar Ray Robinson Way - Manhattan
Anthony Aristedes Delgado Way - Brooklyn
Mitad del Mundo - Queens
Veterans Memorial Way - Brooklyn
Rev. Robert G. Lane Blvd. - The Bronx
Walter L. Johnson Corner Developer of Dyker Heights - Brooklyn
Rosemarie O'Keefe Way Brooklyn
Hank Vogt Way - Brooklyn
Dr. Michael Brienza Way - Brooklyn
Hon. Thomas Tam Way - Manhattan
The Bowery Mission Way - Manhattan
Roger Laghezza Place - Queens
Nicolas A. Nowillo Place - Queens
Francesco "Frankie" Loccisano Way - Brooklyn
Dr. Jitendra Sukhadia Crossing - Staten Island
Benny A. Lyde Place - Brooklyn
Bernard L. Shapiro Boulevard - Queens
Janice Marie Knight Street - Brooklyn
Dr. Saul J. Farber Way - Manhattan
NYS Senator 1956-2006 Hon. John J. Marchi Way - Staten Island
Catherine Vanden-Heuvel Way - Staten Island
Elizabeth Stanton Way - Staten Island
Arthur F. Newcombe Sr. Way - Staten Island
FDNY Lt. John "Muzz" Murray Way - Staten Island
Corporal John C. Johnson, Sr. Road - Staten Island
Custodian Engineer Martin T. Cavanagh Way - Staten Island
Sergeant Gerald A. Johnson Corner - Staten Island
Carmine Narducci Way - Staten Island
Bobby Smith Court - Staten Island
Curtis High School Alumni Way - Staten Island
Michael Cocozza Way - Staten Island
Rabbi Dr. Joseph I. Singer Way - Brooklyn
Sheila Nelson Way - Brooklyn
Eugene S. Devlin III Way - Staten Island
Michael A. Primiano Way - Staten Island
Sal Somma Way - Staten Island
PV2 Isaac T. Cortes Way - The Bronx
Sister Jane Talbot Way - Brooklyn
Ken Siegelman Way - Brooklyn
Lance Corporal Alberto Francesconi Place - The Bronx
Mr. Joseph Zinzi Place - The Bronx
Supervising Fire Dispatcher Dennis Patrick O'Connell Place - The Bronx
J. Clifford Gadsden Place - Queens
Edith Copeland Baldwin Way - The Bronx
Detective Rudolph Vinston Edwards, Sr. Way - The Bronx
Gloria D. Alexander Way - The Bronx
Dorothy P. Gomes Way - The Bronx
Charles Carroccetto Corner - The Bronx
Beverly Baxter Blvd. - Queens
Sean Bell Way - Queens
Ghanwatti Boodram Way - Queens
Mike Lee Corner - Brooklyn
Burlingame Court - Queens
James Court - Queens
McKee Court - Queens
Calhoun Court - Queens
Moncrief Court - Queens
Lockwood Court - Queens

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